Elckette 2N High Relief Plastic Seals (1000)


Product Description

The  all  purpose  Elckette  and  Pullock  security  seals  are  strong  and  suitable   for  a  wide  range  of  applications.  The  ultimate  high  relief  and  laser  printed  numbering  systems  eliminate  transcription  errors,  upgrading  the  conventional  hot  stamped  plastic  seals.  Company  logo  and/or  lettering  are  available  to  best  represent  your  corporate  image  and  improve  security.

  • Trailer and container doors
  • Money and mail bags
  • Cable identification
  • LD containers
  • Fisheries tags
  • Zipper bags
  • Tote boxes
  • Dairy Trucks
  • Coin Bags



  • Secure, adjustable, versatile and strong
  • High relief, hot stamp, and laser printed
  • Molded corporate logo
  • Easy installation
  • Three lengths available

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